Tuesday , July 17 2018
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“The Leading Post “

The Leading Post shares thoughts, ideas, questions, solutions and even opinions about the challenges tackled in today’s multifaceted world or politics and leadership.

Launched in 2018, as Nigeria’s first online-only current-affairs mag, TLP News is a metaphorical missile against misanthropy.

It’s the publication that puts the case for human endeavour, intellectual risk-taking, exploration, excellence in learning and art, and freedom of speech with no ifs and buts, against the myriad miserabilists who would seek to wrap humans in red tape, dampen down our daring, restrain our thoughts, and police our speech.

The Leading Post News is a fan of reason, liberty, progress, economic growth, choice, conviction and thought experiments about the future, and not so big on eco-miserabilism, identikit politicians, nostalgia, dumbing down and determinism.

The Leading Post News Publication is a multi-platform media and entertainment company. With a worldwide influence and readership. Powered by its own proprietary technology, The Leading Post is the go-to source for local Nigerian Politics, Tech, Sports, Digital Culture and Entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience within Nigeria and around the globe.

Want to write for us?

The Leading Post News has an open door policy on contributors. The only rule is that you have something fresh, innovative and irreverent to say, and the guts and style to say it.

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