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Alleged Sexual Harassment, UNILAG Solicits Information On Randy Professor

Following a report trending on the social media platform in respect of an alleged harassment involving an unnamed professor in the Department of English, University of Lagos (UNILAG), the management of the institution has solicited for information that could lead to the exposure of anyone involved in the shameful act.


It would be recalled that a popular blogger, Linda Ikeji published the picture of a man apparently caught by a hidden camera half naked.


According to the publication, the victim recounted that the ugly experience had gone on for a while and she recorded a photo of him during one of their encounters.


Linda Ikeji ’s blog wrote: “I have been suffering this for months now. Whenever students go to his office for anything he is always trying to touch you. I took pictures of him on one of the days I entered his office. He has made molestation a part of him. I’m even scared for my life in Unilag. That’s why I’m reaching out to you so he can be stopped,” she said.


The victim added, “He is a Professor in the English Department, Faculty of Arts. I am not his first victim. He does this all the time to students.


“I have completely given up when it comes to academics he has failed me on tests before. When I talked to him concerning it he told me I should know what to do I am an adult. I feel so dirty for even allowing such an old man touch me. But he doesn’t even care.”


However, the management of the university, in a reaction, restated its zero tolerance stance for allegations pertaining to sexual impropriety, even as it has a well-established policy against such practices.


The statement from the Office of the Vice-Chancellor, Corporate Affairs, Directorate, Communication Unit stated: “We wish to reassure all our stakeholders, students, parents, members of staff and the general public that Management will not treat this matter with levity.


“Management will tackle the allegation with every sense of responsibility and seriousness that the matter deserves. The issue would be thoroughly investigated with transparency. “The Management respectfully solicits information from members of the University community and pledges confidentiality and protection,” the University added.


The latest scandal is coming barely a month after an MSc student accused a professor in Obafemi Awolowo University, Prof. Richard Akindele, of sexual harassment in the infamous sex-for-marks scandal.

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