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Even South African KFCs are roasting Neymar for flopping at the World Cup

Flop your way to some fried chicken, Neymar-style.

Brazilian soccer star Neymar has made headlines at the 2018 World Cup for two reasons;
His game-changing offense, and
His game-stopping flopping.

Neymar has scored a pair of goals through four games at this year’s tournament, but his play has been overshadow by his flair for the dramatic whenever another player even comes close to fouling him. A Swiss television station tallied up all the time he’d spent on the turf, writhing around in agony in hopes of drawing a free kick before returning to the field like nothing happened.

It came out to more than 14 minutes.
The internet, as it does, has taken notice. #NeymarRolling became one of Twitter’s hottest hashtags after the forward hit the turf in a Group Stage match against Switzerland, then tumbled an extra 10 yards like he’d just been blasted forward by an unseen explosion

His dive was prolific enough that brands have taken notice. KFC’s South African franchises got in on the fun with a minute-long ad that lampooned Neymar’s famous rolls in hopes of selling more famous bowls:

The cost of 29.90 rand for two pieces of chicken seems pretty pricey, but that actually comes out to only $2.20 in American dollars. That’s a solid deal, and you get to roast Neymar while ordering it. Seems like a win/win.

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