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Identical Twins Marry Two Best Friends

Gorgeous pre-wedding photos of twin brothers set to marry best friends

Love is a beautiful thing especially when it’s between brothers and friends. Two Nigeria couples have taken over the internet with the most adorable pre-wedding photos and heart-gripping love story.

The internet is an amazing place sometimes. Twin brothers have sold one of the most heart-melting love story as they are set to walk down the aisle with two best friends. For Taiye and Kehinde their friendship started right in their mother’s womb and continued till adult age.

Due to their closeness, when it was time to settle down, they admired the friendship between Onize and Angieshanna who had become more like sisters and thought to spend the rest of their lives together as one big, happy family.

The lovers are set to tie the knot in the presence of family and friends but before they make it official, they decided to release lovely pre-wedding photos in Edo native attire.

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