Jeremy Corbyn’s customs union plan ‘impossible to deliver’

Jeremy Corbyn’s pledge to keep Britain in a permanent customs union with the EU has been branded Blairist spin “at its best” by a senior MP from his own party.


Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is expected to back the UK being in a permanent customs union with the EU in a speech setting out his approach to brexit.

The policy shift could lead to labour siding with tory rebels to defeat Theresa May on her brexit strategy.

Asked if such a defeat could topple the government, a shadow minister said: “I don’t know what it would lead to.”

The conservatives accused labour of making false promises about a “simple solution to brexit”.

The prime minister has insisted the UK will leave both the single market and the customs union, allowing it to negotiate its own post-brexit trade deals.

Theresa may is expected to give details on Friday of what has been agreed by her cabinet on how the UK’s “managed diversion” from the EU will work in practice.

Brexit secretary David Davis said labour’s policy would block the UK from signing free trade deals and allow free movement to continue., he accused Corbyn of “selling snake oil”.

The labour leader will argue that the EU is “not the root of all our problems” nor “the source of all enlightenment”.

“the truth is more down to earth and it’s in our hands; brexit is what we make of it together,”.

Labour’s shadow international trade Secretary Barry Gardiner said the party would respect the “will” of the British people “that we should operate as a sovereign country, where we decide, or have a say in, the rules that we live by”.

But a labour government would work with the eu to “co-create” those rules and set up trade deals with other nations, claiming the UK could “pick and choose what we thought was beneficial to us”.

Asked if labour’s policy shift could allow it to side with tory rebels and bring down the government, he said: “i don’t know what it would lead to. I don’t think anybody does.”

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