Kelly Rowland’s Skin-Care Expert Reveals the Solution to Dry Skin

Kelly Rowland, Jessica Alba and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley have one thing in common: beautiful skin.
It’s not a coincidence, however. All three women are clients to celebrity aesthetician, Shani Darden, who has gained a following and reputation for her anti-aging and clarifying techniques.Now that winter is fading away and the sun is coming out, our gazes are set on radiant skin, and Shani has come to the rescue with a few solutions that would rid us of winter’s dry skin and rejuvenate our complexion for the sunny days ahead.

First, “You need to exfoliate,” the celeb facialist told E! News host Sibley Scoles at the LA-based Shani Darden Salon. “People with dry skin get really nervous in the winter months about exfoliating the top layer of their skin, but if you don’t exfoliate nothing can get through.”

After you exfoliate, the pro suggests using retinol to keep skin blemish and wrinkle-free. The ingredient is part of the retinoid family, related to vitamin A, and once it’s applied to the skin, enzymes in the body turn it into an acid that increases cell turnover, fades hyperpigmentation and keeps skin hydrated.

For the facialist, it’s the secret sauce to Jessica Alba-level skin.

Shani and Jessica have also partnered to create the Honest Beauty Younger + Clearer skin-care collection, which was formulated to fight against adult acne and wrinkles. Retinol is its key ingredient.


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