OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE: Eone Records Sincerely Thanks Everyone For Their Massive Support Over The Years And…

We sincerely thank everyone for the massive support over the years and also believing in the brand Eone Records.


Recently we launched the prestigious search for the face of E1 Records as the last day of submission will be June 20th 2018. After that, the criteria and voting process will be announce.


In the last couple of days we have also announced to the world our great team and more are yet to be unveiled.


All of this is in preparation to the next big thing to come. Stay glued to Eone Records as we keep unveiling in batches. Eone Records is fundamentally rooted from the street to stardom philosophy and we are still standing on.


For every artiste sending in their songs all over Africa, we wish to let you all know we have received them but because of our busy activities we are yet to reply you. Like you all know Eone Records can’t sign everyone at the same time but as time goes by we promise to pick those that we know are eager to work.


God bless you all God bless Eone Records



Sign: Ethrice

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