Osinbajo’s And Herdsmen Killings Religious Colouration

The Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, recently came under fire during a stakeholders’ meeting over the incessant killings in Benue state by the marauding Fulani Herdsmen. He was particularly berated by the Catholic Bishop of Gboko Diocese, Bishop William Avenya, saying God would hold him and President Muhammadu Buhari responsible if they failed to act.


The reactions at the meeting were against the backdrop of insinuations that there is an agenda for a clandestine Islamisation of the nation. Although Prof Osinbajo did not agree with such notion, he stated that he would resign his position if the herdsmen crisis has any religious colouration, and if they fail to resolve the crisis.


But for analysts, proponents of the Islamisation attribute of the herdsmen crisis are anchored such notion on the fact that more Christians have been killed in the last more than one year by the herdsmen. From Nasarawa to Enugu; Agatu and several other areas in Benue state to Kaduna, as well as many other places across the country, the story has remained the same. According to an International Human Rights watch dog, Amnesty International, about 717 people have been killed in less than two years, many of whole are Christians.


Watchers are quick to allude to one of the last killings in Benue state where a Catholic Church was invaded by these herdsmen, killing two Priests and 17 others while they were in worship.


In the twilight of 2016, about 800 People were killed in southern Kaduna in a predominantly Christian community. Since then till now, the carnage has been unprecedented. More so, observers believe that the Buhari administration had really not done anything definite to address and halt the carnage; more so, the response to the cauldron boiling with the blood of the innocent has been so cold; and so the killings have continued unabated. Observers are wondering why enough arrests have not been made or efforts made to disarm the herdsmen. They are wondering why the marauding herdsmen have not been branded terrorists and treated as such.

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